Welcome to my delicious little corner of the internet …

… where you can find lots of pleasure, but no calories.

chocolate cup cakeI’m a lover of all things chocolate but in my writing, you’ll find fulfillment of a different physical kind.

I’m Lily Emmanuel, or at least that’s how you know me. Lily may not be my real name, but the side of me that you read in my erotica books is absolutely part of me, and I hope what I write resonates with something inside of you, perhaps a side that you keep hidden from most people.

In the words of Walt Whitman, ‘I contain multitudes’

That is truly how I see our lives.

We can be a devoted wife and also think about the gardener naked … We can be a high powered business woman who also has fantasies of being banged on the boardroom table … and we can be a fantastic mother but still keep a well-used vibrator in the bottom drawer alongside the erotic fiction. I applaud all these sides of us and I am so excited (in so many ways) to share with you some of my own fantasies in these little erotica books.

choc strawberriesI love being an independent woman who enjoys sex …

… in all kinds of ways so I want to bring that to my erotica. Writing this is a lot of fun for me – I actually sit here giggling at times, so I hope that joy spills over into the writing.

I also want to bring you enjoyment

so I don’t hold back on the sex scenes in my little books. One of the things I personally find annoying when I read ‘one-handed’ books is the time it can sometimes take to get anywhere, so I hope you find my little reads satisfying.

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To your pleasure,

Lily Emmnauel Erotic Fiction





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